1. Which Do You Prefer, Dogs or Cats? (in Japan, 2019)
  2. Top 25 Popular Dog Breeds
  3. Top 8 Popular Cat Breeds, 2015
  4. How Many Dogs in Tokyo
  5. How Many Cats in Tokyo
  6. How Many Cats in Japan, 2014
  7. People's Impression of Stray Cats
  8. People's thought about feeding stray cats
  9. Reasons Why People Do Not Keep A Pet
  10. Top 10 Dog Names, 2012
  11. Top 10 Cat Names, 2013
  12. What Pet Do Japanese Want To Have? 10 Most Popular Pet
  13. Human Deaths Caused by Animals, 2012
  14. Abandoned and Terminated Dogs/Cats in Tokyo
  15. Number of Registered Dogs By Year
  16. Registered Dogs By Prefectue
  17. How Much Do You Need To Keep Dogs?
  18. How Did Keeper Get Dog?
  19. How Many Dogs Did Get Protective Injection for Rabies?
  20. Place Where Dogs Are Kept
  21. Where is the Dog Toilet?
  22. What Dog Behavior Annoys You?
  23. How Cats/Dogs Show Their ID
  24. How Did Keeper Get Cat?
  25. Ratio of Neutered Cats in Tokyo
  26. Place Where The Cat Toilet Is, Place Where Cats Are Kept
  27. How much do you need to keep cats in Tokyo?
  28. What Cat Behavior Annoys You?
  29. From Which Country Are Hamsters Imported Into Japan?
  30. Japan imported 2,137,103 dead mice in 2013
  31. What Pet Do Japanese Have?
  32. What Wildlife Causes Damage to Japanese Agriculture
  33. Average Life-span of Cats and Dogs
  34. Number of Animal Hospitals
  35. Number of Animal/Plant Species in Japan
  36. Other Statistics/Rankings