1. 10 Most Expensive Streets (Places)
  2. Official Land Price by City, 2015
  3. Top 10 Tokyo's Towns Where People Want To Live in
  4. Purchased Toilet Paper by City
  5. Mobile phone/Smartphone Penetration in 2014
  6. Trend of The Penetration Rate of Consumer Durable Goods
  7. Ratio of Flat/Apartment House by Prefecture
  8. Rate of people who pay TV reception fees
  9. Changes in Baby Disposable Diaper Production
  10. Changes in Adult Disposable Diaper Production
  11. Average of House Rent by Prefecture
  12. Top 10 Popular Countryside Where People Consider as the Place of Their Rural Lives
  13. Changes in Land Prices in Nagoya, 1975-2014
  14. 5 Worst Places of Bad Boys Town in the Greater Tokyo
  15. 5 Worst Towns Where Are Not Suitable for Child-raising, in Tokyo
  16. The Number of Vacant Houses in Tokyo, 2013
  17. Land Use of Tokyo, 2015
  18. Recycle Rate in Tokyo, 2005-2013
  19. Number of Flat Houses by Story in Tokyo, 1978-2013
  20. Amount of Water Supply in Tokyo, 1946-2014
  21. Average Water Use in The Home in Tokyo, 2012
  22. Monthly Water Use in Tokyo by Size of Household, 2012
  23. Tokyo 23 Wards Land Price Ranking, 2016
  24. Ranking of Towns Where People Want to Live in (Greater Tokyo Area)
  25. Other Statistics/Rankings