1. Top 10 Companies; university/college students want to join
  2. Top 10 Dream Jobs of Japanese Girls
  3. Top 10 Dream Jobs of Japanese Boys
  4. Private Investigators
  5. Monthly Working Hours in Tokyo, by industry category, 2013 November
  6. Ratio of Part-time Workers by industry category in Tokyo, 2013 November
  7. Commuting time of workers, 2011
  8. Commuting Time of Workers in Tokyo
  9. Average Number of Job Changing (Career Switch)
  10. Job Opening-To-Application Ratio, 2014 July
  11. How Many Paid Holidays Do Japanese Wage-workers Take, in a Year?
  12. Percentage of the Labor Population by Sector in Tokyo, 2010
  13. Number of Employees in Tokyo by Employment Status, 2012
  14. Changes in the Unemployment Rate and the Job-offer to Job-seeker Ratio in Tokyo, 2000-2015
  15. Number of Labor Union Members in Japan, 2012-2016 Job
  16. Other Statistics/Rankings