1. Reason of Divorce, 2012
  2. What Hobby is Popular? (2011)
  3. What Hobby is Popular? (by Gender, 2011)
  4. Driver's License Holder, 1969 - 2012
  5. How Common is Your Birthday?
  6. Sleeping Time (hours) of People
  7. Ratio of Men with Thinning Hair by City in the World (Ratio of Bald Men)
  8. Number of Divorces by Cohabitation Period (1985-2013)
  9. One Fourth of Japanese Take Daytime Naps
  10. Number of Sexless Married Couples 2004-2012
  11. Reason of Sexless among Sexless Married Couples
  12. Ratio of People Who Have No Interest on Sexual Activities
  13. Percentage of Teenagers Who Have Experiences of Dating
  14. Percentage of Teenagers Who Have Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  15. Ratio of Singles Who Have Boy/Girlfriends
  16. Changes in Number of People Receiving Welfare (Public Assistance)
  17. Ratio of Persons Receiving Welfare by Prefecture, 2014
  18. What Time People Get Up
  19. What Time People Go To Bed
  20. What Time People Have Breakfast
  21. What Time People Have Dinner
  22. What Time People Leave Home To Go To Work
  23. What Time People Get Home From Work
  24. What Time Tokyo Residents Get Home From Work
  25. Statistically The Following Things Happen in Tokyo in a Day, 2015
  26. Percent of Children Who Eat Dinner Without Adults in Tokyo, 2016
  27. What Time Do Fathers Come Home in Tokyo?
  28. Number of Lawyers in Japan by Prefecture, 2018
  29. Changes in the Number of Lawyers in Japan, 1950-2018
  30. Hours of TV Japanese Watch Per Day, 1986-2017
  31. When Did Junior High School Students Start Using the Internet? (in Tokyo, 2017)
  32. Other Statistics/Rankings