1. Attendance Figures of 2019 Rugby World Cup
  2. Ranking of Sumo Wrestlers' Home Country
  3. 10 Most Played Sports
  4. Annual salaries of J.League players, 2019 version
  5. J.League Club Payrolls, 2016
  6. Attendance Number of Japan Professional Football League in 2012, 2013 (J1 division)
  7. Contract Money for Drafted Baseball Players (of Japan Baseball) in 2013
  8. Salaries of NPB (Japan Professional Baseball) Players in 2019
  9. Retired Numbers in NPB (Japan Baseball)
  10. Prize Money Ranking of Japan Golf Tours, 2014
  11. Number of Applicants for Tokyo Marathon, 2007-2016
  12. What Professional Sport is Popular

Salaries data of J.League (Japan football) players are here.
Salaries data of NPB (Japan baseball) players are here.
Table of Contents of Statistics/Rankings/Graphs is here.